mother’s day

I am made of stardust, just as my mama. We’re an ocean apart, but through fires and storms we weather it together and find reasons to smile through it all, because that’s what family is. Family is the people you’re born to, the people who still choose to stand beside you even when things turn for the worse. I am where I am because of her, and I never forget that. Happy Mama’s Day to my mum, and to all the mums out there who ignite just as much inspiration and admiration. Forever and always, family above all.


I write to release the parts of me buried deep under layers of pain, dissonance, depression and all the other parts of me I can’t stand . And maybe that’s the irony about being a writer – or any artist, really. You create to come to terms with your ghosts and wounds but in doing so, you rip open scars and expose raw vulnerabilities to the world. So come closer and peer within the lines, the pixels and frames, the notes and paint, because that’s where you just might catch a glimpse of the soul.


You know yourself best, so why don’t you trust yourself more? They’ve broken you, exhausted you, but your life doesn’t have to be theirs. Never forget, this world is yours, and you deserve so much better. Purge the toxins – all the hearing but not listening, careless love and biting frustrations, and the compromises – oh, all the compromises – because the heart can only withstand so much. Instead, embrace the entropy of life, for complacency will kill you before anything else does. Then congratulate yourself, because through all the mess and unkemptness you’ve endured, you’ll find you’ve somehow mended the wings to set yourself free. This world is yours, you wild wild heart, so fly. Find your rhythm, and fly.


Sand castles crumble, flowers die, steel rusts, ink fades, and we’ve learned to be just as transient. But today, enough with the quick exits, the hasty goodbyes, the chase for the next. Today, just stay. Just stay a while and revel in the present, because when you stay, you get to discover a whole new world you never knew existed.